Forget Smart Phones, Apple Patent Signals The Age Of The Smart Home


Apple tracking patent 660

Remember those old “home of the future” TV episodes from the 1970s, which invariably ended up with something going wrong and an automated voice yelling warning messages?

Well, someone at Apple does too (hopefully minus the “something going wrong” part), since Apple’s latest patent — issued by the U.S. Patent Office — describes a wireless communication system able to predict when to turn on devices such as your lighting or air conditioning based on your current location as opposed to a pre-programmed routine.

Since the real world is rarely as not or as streamlined as an Apple product line, the patent is designed to intuitively adapt to changing circumstances in a way that would be seamless for the user.

“A person can leave work at different times each day, can encounter different traffic patterns, or can exhibit different hunger levels,” the patent states. “Thus, unpredictable events and emotions can make it difficult to establish automatic operations that consistently produce desired results.”

Although lodging their patent doesn’t mean that Apple is going to necessarily launch a product, this particular patent would seem to be an obvious way of using the new M7 motion co-processor chip in the iPhone 5S and iPad Air.

Source: Fox News

  • elcaballeroquediceni

    I don’t think a smart home will fit in my pocket.