Rickshaw’s Commuter 2.1 Bag Will Get You Through The Worst Morning Journey



I’m an unashamed lover of Rickshaw bags, and the new Commuter 2.1 looks as good as any of the SF-based makers other bags. I actually tested the original Commuter way back in the mists of time and found it to be excellent but a little to bulky for me.

Now, though, my daily commute actually involves a bike ride across town instead of a two second lurch from bed to desk, and I do that ride on a Brompton with a front bag. And for this, the new Commuter looks to be ideal.

Rickshaw is run by a bunch of bike nerds and bag geeks, and I have a collection of their wares. I even visited the factory and came away with yet another bag purchased with my own cash money.

The Commuter is the most protective of the line. It is padded (but not too padded), stands up by itself, had a comfy handle on top to lift it and a shoulder strap to carry it. You can also attach a cross strap for cycling, and the bottom is waterproof for waiting on wet train platforms.


Inside is a safe (removable) compartment for your MacBook, plus a pair of end-mounted pouches (secured with a velcro flap), front pockets and a host of little pouches and cubbyholes. And this being Rickshaw, it’s all surprisingly light and also smartly laid out.

Finally, you can customize the bag and have it made to order in the SF factory (or you can visit the store at the front and pick up a pre-sewn version).

I should have one soon for testing (in the harsh East German winter) so I’ll let you know how it goes. In the meantime, you can order one up for $180, or grab the Mini Commuter for $100.

Source: Rickshaw
Thanks: Lisa!