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Happy Anniversary to iMac



Ten years is one of those nice round numbers that always sparks nostalgia and reminiscing and (hopefully) waves of warm and fuzzy feelings, whether its focus is a sports career, a marriage or a business enterprise. Today, in the world where Cupertino, CA is the center of the universe, all thoughts are on iMac, Apple’s user-friendly, all-in-one desktop computer that said hello to the world on August 15, 1998.

The iMac has grown and changed in many ways throughout its ten years of existence, but remains possibly Apple’s best-known and most accessible calling card for a growing market of consumers curious about the complete user experience at the root of Steve Job’s business philosophy.

We present here a gallery of iMacs, from then to now and our anniversary greetings. We’re looking forward to the next ten years.

1998 - 2002  2002 - 2004
2007 - ? 2004 - 2007

2 responses to “Happy Anniversary to iMac”

  1. johannes says:

    Can’t really leave out the mother of all iMacs, the original macintosh, can you?