CES: Powermat Shows Off Cheaper Charging Mats, Talks Up iPhone Bundle



LAS VEGAS — Powermat is a wireless charging pad for powering up gadgets without plugging them into their chargers. I’ve been testing a competing product from Pure Energy Solutions for several months, and found that wireless chargers really change your charging habits. My wife and kids, for example, who never charge their cell phones/iPods, have no trouble dropping their gadgets on the Pure Energy’s WildCharger charging pad. For once, there’s not a bunch of lifeless gadgets lying around.

Powermat has noticed similar trends among its buyers, and at CES is showing off several new, inexpensive charging pads priced to encourage users to have several pads around the house.

“We found that if people buy one mat, it dovetails,” said Kevin Kruse, Powermat’s VP of global sales. “They want another mat for the bedroom or the office, and they want adapters for all their gadgets. So we’re trying to address that.”

Currently, the company sells a $99.99 charging pad that can simultaneously power up to three devices (and a $99.99 portable version). Adapters for iPhone or iPod are priced at $39.99 each. Powermat’s chargers can be found at Best Buy, Target and several other mass-market retailers.

In the spring, Powermat will introduce charging pads that can accommodate one, two or three gadgets, priced at $39, $69 and $99 respectively.

The company will also launch an iPhone/iPod bundle (iPhone users are Powermat’s biggest customer group by far) that includes a charging pad and iPhone adapter. Pricing has yet to be decided. It will be available in the spring.