The Braven 710: Might Be The Ultimate Candybar Bluetooth Speaker



The Braven 650 is one of the best portable speaker I’ve tested. It’s small, tough, light and it sounds great. It even manages to include a remote play/pause function, although you have to be in on the secret[1]. And now Braven has come out with the 710, an update which adds a whole bunch of neat extras.

The 710 keeps the long battery life (12+hours), speakerphone and aluminum body of the 650 and adds IPX5 water resistance (enough for a quick dip), NFC along with Bluetooth for easy pairing to non iDevices, plus APTX high-quality audio and the ability to daisy-chain to other speakers for stereo output.

It also keeps the full-sized USB port for charging your phone, and turns one end of the speaker into a control panel with skip and proper play/pause buttons.

If the 710 is at least equal to the 650 in terms of sound quality, then this is probably the candybar speaker I’d recommend to anyone. Hopefully we’ll get a review unit soon to test.

Source: Braven
Thanks: Pedro

  1. Use the button marked with the phone handset.  ↩