Runtastic Shows Off Feature-Packed New Scale And Narrated Running




Narrated running is probably the best way to describe the new Story Running feature embedded in Runtastic’s updated app, but the outfit’s new Libra scale is more interesting.

Their are several Story Running modules, each with it’s own flavor; the one I briefly sampled was called “Fantasy” (warning: the video clip is completely absent useful information) in which a pleasant female voice with a slight accent narrated a sort of 45-minute audiobook tailored to a run, complete with rousing new age-y music. Each module is currently available via in-app purchase for a buck.

Runtastic’s Libra scale is outwardly the Withings scale‘s fraternal twin — but there’s some difference in what the two will measure. Both record the basics: weight, body mass index and percentage of body fat. But the Libra scale seems to go into greater detail about what you’re made of by separately measuring body water content, bone mass and muscle mass (as well as fat). The flagship Withings scale (they call it a Smart Body Analyzer), on the other hand, also includes pulse rate and air quality measurements.

Another difference is that the Libra scale connects only via Bluetooth, and doesn’t have the additional Wi-Fi connection that the Withings scale enjoys. Then again, at $130, it’s $20 cheaper.

Source: Runtastic