Finally Read Jane Austen Without Putting Down Your Games In Stride & Prejudice [Review]


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Getting kids to read 19th century literature is virtually impossible unless you attach a grade to it these days. While I was content with thick tomes of Brönte(s) and Austen in high school, my classmates were quick to avoid most books not written by popular authors within the last 20 years. If only someone made an infinite runner with book passages as the levels so children would have to look at words when playing games!

Stride & Prejudice by No Crusts Interactive
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone, iPad, iPod
Price: $0.99

Stride & Prejudice by No Crusts Interactive is a surprisingly simple yet elegant way to read Pride & Prejudice without abandoning your love of repeatedly tapping your phone. You control the novel’s heroine Elizabeth (Lizzy) Bennet as she leaps daringly from sentence to sentence. Depending on which gameplay mode selected, you can actually read all of Pride & Prejudice at a leisurely pace.

No Crusts’ commitment to educational software is Stride & Prejudice‘s greatest strength. You can play the app as a simple “test your skills” infinite runner where you restart the book each time you fail, or you can slow down the text speed, and even customize how the words appear on screen, to make reading more comfortable.

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Interacting with content, even when you’re just tapping to jump, can actually enhance comprehension. So now you might remember reading Pride & Prejudice rather than holding the thought that you once held the book in your hands. Even if you don’t care to digest the novel, the physics in Lizzy’s jumps are much more forgiving than most infinite runners which makes it easy to sit back and lose yourself in the repetitive action.

I look forward to seeing what other classics No Crusts might animate. If an infinite runner version of Oscar Wilde’s The Picture of Dorian Gray ever happens, I’d be the happiest book nerd ever.

Stride 4Game Name: Stride & Prejudice
The Good: The clever merging of reading and gaming will have you tearing through a lengthy novel in no time.
The Bad: You might accidentally read Pride & Prejudice (which isn’t a bad thing).
The Verdict Stride & Prejudice is better than most infinite runners because it relies only on your skill at negotiating gaps and your willingness to read. Well worth it if you want more productive games in your life.
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