Apple Store Lines Form Around The World For The iPad Air Launch [Gallery]


Apple store
Apple stores are ready for the crowds.
Photo: Apple

iPad Day is  less that 12 hours away if you live on the East Coast – or already here if you live in Japan. Either way, Apple fans across the globe are already lining up in front of the nearest Apple Store, waiting anxiously to fork over their cash for the new iPad Air.

We don’t expect to see quite as long lines as at the iPhone 5s and 5c launch last month, but early indications show that Apple’s new lightweight tablet will be in high demand over the weekend. One reader in Hong Kong told us their reservation system filled up in 15 minutes.

If you’re planning to brave the night in front of the Apple Store, tweet us a pic @CultofMac. If not, check out all these people crazy enough waiting for their iPad Airs.




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Ginza, Japan


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New York


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  • cleversou

    Apple is doomed, they say….

  • BBluemlein

    Zurich is Switzerland and not Germany ;)

  • tool022611

    Do you mean 13.5 hours away on the east cost? Online sale start at 12:01 PT, which would be 2:01 CST and 3:01 eastern. I plan ion waking up at 1:45 to order online for in store pick up. Hopefully I’ll be able to swoop one up! If not I live near multiple best buys, targets, and walmarts so I think my odds are good.

  • Gregory Wright

    Let’s get rid of Tim Cook. We can’t have all these people buying iPhones and iPads – sarcasm.

  • Moebius

    When I read the title, the very first thing that popped into my head was the line was literally forming around the world. :p