This Week in Cult of Mac Magazine: The Mobile Art Revolution


Cover design Craig Grannell, art work @David Scott Leibowitz.
Cover design Craig Grannell, art work @David Scott Leibowitz.

This week’s Cult of Mac Magazine is all about the mobile art revolution.

Thanks to its brilliant touchscreen, the iPhone put a sketchpad in our hands and then the iPad gave us a little more room to doodle. Just a few years on, mobile art has graced the cover of The New Yorker and been hung on the walls of traditional museums.

This issue explores the landscape of mobile art – we profile a host of iArtists on how they bring their work into the real world, take a close look at David Hockney’s iPad works writ large at the de Young Museum in San Francisco and give you tips on how to power up your mobile toolkit with tips on styluses, apps and more.

If you want to get your iArtwork in a museum, in front of kids in a classroom or printed in a book, we’ll tell you how Matthew WatkinsSumit Vishwakarma and David Scott Leibowitz did just that.

We also bring you the best in new apps, picks from what’s worth your while in books, music and movies in iTunes and our exclusive Apple genius column delves into skirting the store’s EasyPay option and how to escalate to a manager if you need to.

Do you draw, paint, or create fine art with your iPad? Let us know in the comments.