Infinity Blade III Gets Major ‘Soul Hunter’ Update


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If you love Epic’s trilogy-concluding game of immortal swordsmanship, Infinity Blade III, things are getting better. As is their wont, Epic has opted to release a massive 1.1 Infinity Blade III update that adds a huge number of improvements, as well as new content including a new location and an enemy, the fearful Deathless Bloodmage.

Called the ‘Soul Hunter’ update, changes include new items, new goals, and a major quest in which you must go head-to-head with the aforementioned Bloodmage. There’s also a new Explore feature that allows you to return to unlocked areas for additional loot and XP.

But that’s not all. Here’s what else is new:

– New quest, location, and enemy: Travel to the Metius Observatory to face the Deathless Bloodmage known as Oslim, on your quest to hunt down the missing Infinity Weapons.
– Over a dozen new items for both Isa and Siris, including magic rings, weapons, shields, helmets, and armors to collect, master, and sell.
– New Explore feature! Return to unlocked areas for additional loot and XP.
– 3 all-new Goals, and additional Goal tiers.
– Official kick-off of new ClashMob mode: Trials.
– Halloween Holiday Helm – for Isa and Siris.
– Fully compatible with iOS 6 and iOS 7.
– Adjustments to potion, gem, and forge times based on user feedback + gain more time for completing quests. Purchase additional slots in the Gem, Potion, and Item Upgrade Forges.
– Ability to skip end cinematic, credits, and tutorial section once the game is beaten.
– Adds support and optimization for new iPad and iPad Mini, featuring full screen anti-aliasing, bloom, full screen vignettes, distortion, high resolution shadows, and environmental reflections.
– A number of additional balancing tweaks, bug fixes, and gameplay enhancements for all players.
– Recommended: Update device to the latest iOS version, and restart device before playing.

If you already own Infinity Blade III, the “Soul Hunter” update is free, but if you want to grab one of the best games on iOS (perfect for testing out the beefy graphics capabilities of your new iPhone 5s or iPad Air), it can be purchased from the App Store for $6.99.

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  • PharLeff

    I wonder if they fixed the money glitch… maybe I should get all my money before updating. lol