Nike Fuelband Owners Will Get Some Fuelband SE Features In Firmware Update



The Nike Fuelband SE was announced earlier this month, with some impressive new features. But existing Fuelband owners won’t be left totally out of the lurch; when Nike drops the Fuelband SE on consumers next week, they’ll also roll-out some of the new features to users of older models.

According to Pocket-Lint:

Nike has confirmed that the older Fuelband will get the new better algorithms, and double tap to tell the time, as well as sessions support via the app rather than the band.

Sessions let users see how much Fuel they are getting per minute to better help them understand what activities work best.

Sadly, the old model of Nike Fuelband does not have power-sipping Bluetooth 4.0, meaning you won’t get some of the SE’s features, like hourly alerts barking at you to move more. But it’s good to know Nike’s not abandoning old customers, and it should be as easy to install the update as plugging your Fuelband into your computer and clicking a file.

Source: Pocket-Lint

  • mister_rabbit

    Good to see they’re bringing some of those features to the older devices.

    Anyone know if the previous model Fuelbands are discounted in Nike stores or if they’re being sold on clearance anywhere? I have an original fuel band that has stopped working, coincidentally the same day as their announcement, and I’d rather not upgrade to a new model just yet.