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Ashton Kutcher Takes Job As “Product Engineer” For Lenovo



We reported it back in July and now there is confirmation: Steve Jobs-actor Ashton Kutcher has joined Lenovo to help launch its new Yoga tablet.

“This is not just another ‘me too’ tablet.” Kutcher said at a launch event for the Android device Tuesday night.

“When you look at this you say, this doesn’t look like anything else on the market,” he continued, channeling his inner-Steve (and perhaps missing the obvious nods the Yoga makes to Apple’s Bluetooth Keyboard and Trackpad, right down to the power button on the end.)

While Kutcher has a history of technology endorsements, Lenovo is not just presenting him as a pretty face, but rather as a real bona fide “Lenovo product engineer” — albeit one who went to the International Modeling and Talent Association rather than M.I.T. In this capacity, Kutcher will aid not only on marketing, but also “providing design, specification and software guidance.”

Because if you can’t hire Steve Jobs, you can at least hire that one guy who played him in a disappointing movie biopic.


Source: ABC News