The Hunting: Part 2 Takes The Gloves Off And Starts The Real Game [Review]


The Hunting Part 2

Yesterday, I reviewed the first part of The Hunting, an interactive zombie film for iOS devices. I had some issues with its actual interactivity, which mostly amounted to swiping to put on pants and a meaningless choice between leaving a house through a window or a door.

The Hunting: Part 2 by Wotsamaflip
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone
Price: $0.99

Part 2 is out now, and unlike the first installment, it costs money. But it’s longer, has more interesting decision points, and is scary as hell.

So basically, remember the problems I had with the first one? Forget them.

The Hunting Part 2
You can follow this little girl through the scary woods if you want. Seems legit.

You will probably die a lot in this game. And it’s not because the controls are jacked or it’s too hard, but because it makes you want to explore every fork it gives you, and some of those end very badly. Take that little girl up there, for example. Horror fans know that little girls who ask you to follow them are bad news, always. But you have that voice in your head that has to see what happens, and the path she leads you on is increasingly terrifying and culminates satisfyingly at the intersection of What-the-Hell Street and Oh-God-No Avenue.

Remember the problems I had with the first one? Forget them.

But because this is a self-contained episode in which your data does not carry over like some of the more decision-heavy console titles like Mass Effect, The Hunting does have its one “true” path. And in the 35 minutes or so it takes you to reach it, it never lets up. You’ll be tapping your screen to run, swiping to avoid obstacles while fleeing, and always wondering if the creepy noises all around you are just there for atmosphere or if something is about to jump out at you.

It’s clever, immersive, brutal, scary, and fun. Totally worth your dollar.

The Hunting Part 2Game Name: : The Hunting: Part 2
The Good: Scary moments, interesting branches, forgiving checkpoints, and some really disturbing sound design.
The Bad: Previously viewed segments are unskippable.
The Verdict It fixes every problem I had with the first one and then some. This is the experience they promised.
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