Maps© Lets You Use Google Street View Without That Whole ‘Internet’ Thing



Maps© — Social Networking — Free

If you want to use Google’s Street View function without having to go into Apple’s occasionally dodgy Maps, you might want to check out Maps©. In addition to letting you look at people’s lawns like you’re there, you can also drop pins between two points to calculate distance (this gets less accurate the farther apart your points are), check traffic, and get directions. And if you want to see where your friends live (which is creepy, but I’m sure you might have innocent reasons), you can import their addresses from your contacts and drop pins there.

It does a bit of everything, really.


  • barleymcgrew

    Aww come on! You call Apple’s Map software as occasionally wrong. The number of times I used Google Maps to get an address and it supplied a location miles away.

    I remember getting it to program the route on the car GPS and it got it so wrong that if I had trusted it blindly I would have been in Timbuctu and not Where I should have been. It wasn’t a little out it would have taken me over so out of my way making a 110 miles drive over 200 miles.

    I’m not saying that Apple Maps is wonderful but people keep implying that google is much better and it is not.

    I now use Apple Maps exclusively. I’ve had fewer mislocated addresses than I was with Google Maps. For me I don’t care about 3D buildings, I do care about whether the address I look up is actually where it really is instead of where Google have decided where it should be.