Change The Name, Tags, And Location From Any Document Title Bar In Mavericks [OS X Tips]


New Titlebar Options

We’ve been able to change the name of our Mac documents from the title bar since OS X Mountain Lion, and it’s made for an interesting new workflow.

In fact, there was a nice little drop down menu that would let you duplicate, move, and rename the document resulting from clicking on the triangle to the right of the document name in the title bar.

Now, though, in Mavericks, that’s changed.

If you want to rename any document you’re working on, you can still click on the little triangle to the right of the document title in the title bar, but you’ll get a new enhanced version of a drop down window.

In Mavericks, you can now type in a new document name in the top field. You can also add tags to your document with a simple click in the field just below. Simply click on the field, then choose the tag you want to add. You can do so for as many tags as you’d like.

In the popup menu below the tags field, you can specify where you’d like the document to save to. Just click and choose a folder. If one of the pre-chosen locations doesn’t work for you, simply choose Other… and a fully formed Save dialog box will open up.

Finally, you can lock the document by clicking on the Locked checkbox just to the right of the location menu.

More and more, it seems, we’re needing the Finder less and less. Hooray!

Via: Mac Stories