Snapseed For iOS Gets New HDR Scape Filter And Shadows Slider




While Google was busy spilling all the new details of its new Google+ photo editing features this morning, the company also announced that Snapseed will be getting some sweet new features of its own. True to Google’s word, Snapseed 1.6 just hit the App Store is includes a new HDR scape filter that brings a stunning look to photos.

Snapseed users will find the HDR Scape filter next to the old Drama filter that provided similar HDR filters for photos, however HDR Scape’s results are a great deal more impressive. To adjust the strength of the filter users simply swipe left to right. Google also added a Shadows slider in the Tune Image section that will brighten dark areas naturally.

Here’s a look at HDR Scape in action:



And here are the full release notes:

What’s New in Version 1.6.0

• The new HDR SCAPE filter brings a stunning look to your images
• A new Shadows slider in Tune Image brightens dark areas naturally
• Plus bug fixes and other small improvements

Please don’t install this update in case you use iOS 5 or 6. It has a bug that leads to problems when saving or sharing images on these versions of iOS. We will release an update in a short while that fixes this issue.

Source: iTunes