Callys Caves Is A Weird Thing You Can Play For Free [Review]


Callys 1

Parent thieves are the worst. They’re even more despicable when they kidnap your parents and fill the scary, nebulous cave system behind your house full of monsters!

Callys Caves by Jordan Pearson
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone
Price: Free

This is Callys’ reality in Callys Caves. The evil Dr. Herbert has whisked Callys’ family away and its up to her to buy enough shotgun upgrades to slay her way to victory.

Callys 2

Callys Caves isn’t a particularly…good looking game. No, there’s something very Microsoft Paint about the art style, but I find it gives the game a strange unsettling feeling that interests me. If you can look beyond its appearance, Callys Caves offers up barebones Metroidvania-like dungeon exploration complete with upgradable weapons and loot chests to find.

Parent thieves are the worst. They’re even more despicable when they kidnap your own parents!

The platforming is a bit rough, but once you figure out how high each of Callys’ jumps are and learn to compensate for her movement, you’ll be jump-slashing bats and avoiding slimes with ease.

Why does Dr. Herbert take Callys’ parents? Who knows, but it gives Callys a reason to fight her way through tons of monsters while strange industrial noises assemble a soundtrack around her. Also, who moves into a house directly in front of a massive unexplored cave system? Maybe Dr. Herbert took Callys’ family because he couldn’t believe how dense they were for not exploring the caves first.

Callys 4

Look, Callys Caves is free and weird-looking. I played it late at night and the soundtrack spooked me a little, so that’s worth something, right?

Callys 3Game Name: : Callys Caves
The Good: Customizable weapons and light Metroidvania gameplay means it is easy to pick up and offers some incentive to keep playing.
The Bad: The weird MS Paint look to the graphics makes the game kind of uncomfortable to look at.
The Verdict Callys Caves is surprisingly acceptable despite its appearance, and the platforming is solid compared to many touch screen platformers.
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  • jordanfwc

    Hey, I am one of the devs of Callys Caves and we both just wanted to thank you for your review! We are a two man indie team, so it’s so cool to see a review, you rock!