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Pixelz Is Pure Tranqulity Through Color [Review]


Pixelz 1

Pixelz is a puzzle game because the developer Dariusz Cieśla says it is. The playing field is a autumnal spread of colored blocks, and a little indicator in the top right of the screen says “target 19.”

Pixelz by Dairusz Cieśla
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone
Price: Free

Pixelz wants nothing from you (it’s free), offers no instruction on how to play it, and exists in a soundless tranquility many commuter gamers might appreciate.

The “puzzle” aspect of Pixelz is that you’re trying to clear the blocks from the screen in the fewest number of moves. Five larger blocks on the bottom of the screen allow you to switch which color the starting pixel in the top corner turns. Match that shade with the pixels around it and a solid yet shifting wall of color will slowly spread across the screen. If you do this in fewer in 19 moves, well done. If you don’t, why not play again?

This is autumn you can control, and it feels amazing.

pixelz 2

I can’t quite describe the mellow feeling I get when playing Pixelz. The mesmerizing shift in color, combined with no outside pressures like firm move constraints or time limits allow you to drift off into a world of pixels and silence. It’s the perfect thing to play on a lazy bus ride flanked by trees slowly shifting into fall.

This is autumn you can control, and it feels amazing. Seriously, just try it. Its file size is so ridiculously small (0.1mb) that even the most cramped iPhone should have room.

Pixelz 4Game Name: : Pixelz
The Good: You’ll go on a sensory journey as you’re overwhelmed by the simplicy of just…changing colors.
The Bad: Virtually nothing, unless you hate colors.
The Verdict You must play it to understand. It’s free. It’s 0.1mb to install. You have no reason to deny its colorfulness.
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