One Man Left’s Diabolical Plans For Tilt To Live 2: Redonkulous Finally Revealed


Back in 2010, when the idea of the iPhone as a great gaming device was generally scoffed at, the game developer dudes at One Man Left offered up an instant classic called Tilt To Live. It didn’t try to minimize the iPhone’s weaknesses; instead, this brilliant little gem seemed like it was built specifically for the iPhone, and perfectly harnessed its strengths. The result was a beautifully addictive game that had the player frantically twisting and tilting the iPhone in order to both survive and destroy a horde of menacing…dots. Yes, dots.

Now, over three years and one strategy game later, One man Left is finally revealing details, in the form of a short video, about their the ridiculously titled Tilt To Live sequel — Tilt To Live 2: Redonkulous.

Taking a look at the clip, we see all the elements that made the original game great are still there — it’s just gotten crazier. The graphics have been tweaked to better make use of today’s more muscular iDevice chips. There are new weapons, including one that has the protagonist arrow looking remarkably like it’s wielding Darth Maul’s twin-bladed lightsaber from Star Wars: Episode I. And then there’s the thing going on at 1:19 that sort of defies description. We’re excited; you?

Source: One Man Left Studios