Tell Mavericks To Install Software Updates When You Want [OS X Tips]


Update much?
Update much?

There you are, sitting in front of your Mac, important work on the screen, when an Update notification shows up. Oh no! Your Mac wants you to update some software, but you really do not have the time.

What’s a busy professional to do? Before Mavericks, you could dismiss the notification, and wait for it to pop up again. In Mavericks, however, you have a bit more control over your Mac than that.

When the little notification pops up, click over to the Mac App Store and look for the little drop down menu triangle. Click on it, and you’ll have your choice: Install Now, Try in an Hour, Try Tonight, or even just set a reminder to, well, remind you whenever you like!

Now that’s classy, right?

Via: Mac | Life