Halloween Treat! Shred With The Hans “Guitar” Solo T-Shirt [Deals]


CoM - HansSoloShirt

We know clothing isn’t our niche but geeks still need to look good…right?

If your goal is to become the biggest rock star the galaxy has ever seen, then pay homage to the original guitar “Solo”-ist with this galactic t-shirt courtesy of Cult of Mac Deals at a price that also rocks: $15.99.

Please note: This promotion is available to USA customers only. Price includes free shipping.

We all know if one Star Wars character was going to be part of an intergalactic rock band, it would be this one. He’s got the long, flowing locks of hair, a half-unbuttoned shirt with tight black pants, the general “rebel-without-a-cause” attitude, and – of course – a really cool blaster.

So show off your wit and sex appeal with this tee combining two of our loves – Star Wars and rock and roll. Head to rhe Deals page now and grab this shirt for just $14.99 before anyone else can claim that someone else got it first.

(You know, like Greedo.)