Compose, Design, And Create With cf/x alpha [Deals]


CoM - cfx alpha

Boasting a powerful set of tools used by professional photographers, illustrators, designers, and hobbyists, cf/x alpha is the gold standard for image composition and design. If you’re looking for a better way to create multi-image compositions, this is your answer.

And Cult of Mac Deals has it for only $49 during this limited time offer.

Now it’s not a pixel editor, but lets you work with complete images and graphic elements to combine them in an easy, intuitive way – saving you hours of work. And although cf/x alpha is not a pixel editor, it does feature over 80 stackable realtime f/x to give your images a unique look.

Here are the top features of cf/x alpha:

  • Intuitive, non-destructive pro-level image composition
  • Powerful rendering engine and export module render in multiple resolutions and sizes
  • Choose from a library of professionally designed templates or turn your own composition into a template instantly
  • Access text, geometric and color objects to enhance your composition
  • ‘Smart objects’ easily let you exchange images but retain all settings & effects
  • Auto layout generators to create collages, contact sheets, mosaics and more
  • Professional, real-time Image blends with over 30 fully configurable blend generators and multiple blending methods

If you need to add transparency to or blend multiple images, you won’t find a better solution than cf/x alpha. You can use this unique blend of non-destructive image layout, composition tools, a stunning f/x palette, and collage and mosaic generators to compose images surprisingly fast, and then export your work in multiple resolutions and file formats at the touch of a button.

As you can see, cf/x alpha has a lot going for it, and the price Cult of Mac Deals is offering makes it an even more compelling software solution. Don’t delay – get it for 78% off the regular price from the Deals page today!