Dior Designer Covets Gold iPhone – And Doesn’t Have One Yet, Either


Dior designer Camille Miceli in the Wall Street Journal.
Dior designer Camille Miceli in the Wall Street Journal.

Even a designer at fashion house Christian Dior can’t get her hands on a gold iPhone.

Camille Miceli, Dior’s artistic director of accessories, loves her iPhone. According to a Q&A with the Wall Street Journal, she spends every morning reading daily “Le Monde” on it in bed. (Oh la la!)

Though we harbored doubts before the debut that it was the epitome of tacky, Apple’s golden iPhone 5S mines current fashion trends – the color has been glimmering more on store shelves by a whopping 88 percent.

It seems fitting that even a Parisian fashion maven — from a couture house that puts wealthy but non-celebrity customers on wait lists for its most sought-after clothes — gets the same sort of treatment from Apple.

Her current device sounds like it’s lost a lot of lustre : “I have a very old (iPhone) which I dropped in the bath. I have a habit of phoning friends when I’m in there.”

Tim Cook, hook this woman up with the must-have accessory of the season!