This Week in Cult of Mac Magazine: Apps That Push Boundaries


Cover design Craig Grannell.
Cover design Craig Grannell.



This week’s Cult of Mac Magazine is all about apps that push boundaries – enabling us to share, connect and get stuff done.

Think back: When was the last time you hitchhiked? Crashed on the couch of a stranger? Did you get your last job on the street corner? Or meet that special someone there?

You’ve probably used your iPhone recently to couch surf, catch a ride downtown, find a date or maybe even source a freebie for dinner.

We talk to experts to understand why we feel comfortable doing things with our iPhones that were traditionally “Stranger, Danger” territory and our intrepid reporters find out what happens when you catch a ride, look for work, open up your house and try to get rid of Cheetos snack packs to perfect strangers.

There’s a crazy gallery of apps that pushed Apple’s boundaries too far — remember Baby Shaker? — and an update on why you can still find your dictator of choice in the iTunes store.

Our exclusive Ask An Apple Genius column weighs in  why Mavericks scrolling seem so sluggish and why the geniuses sometimes don’t seem as smart as you are.

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