Support Sentris, An Indie, Puzzle-Based, Music Creation Game For All Of Us



Yes, Kickstarter projects are still a dime a dozen, but this game is worth your attention.

It’s Sentris, a music-creation tool that masquerades as a puzzle game. Want to play a music or rhythm game without having to figure out how to hold a plastic guitar? Sentris is the game for you.

We saw Sentris last month at the 2013 Seattle Indies eXpo (SIX3), which was co-located with the Penny Arcade Expo in downtown Seattle.

Developer Samantha Kalman hopes to release a full game–she’s only put together a stunning prototype at this point–and she’s taken time to explain why in the video below.

This is a puzzle game that won’t intimidate players. It seems, in fact, to encourage them to make music.

“I want everybody to feel like the song they’re creating as they’re playing the game is their own unique version of the song,” says Kalman in the video. She wants to help people feel like they created a song, even if they’ve never picked up an instrument before.

The prototype of Sentris plays with just one button. You press it, and the sound block drops into place where it sounds good. It’s that simple. The colors and unique sounds mesh together to create a musical experience that works for anyone, musician or not.

The Kickstarter project has pulled in almost $20,000 of the requested $50,000 project budget, with 27 days yet to go. If you support an independent artist making a game with no analogue out there, this is the one to back. Head on over to the Sentris project page and unleash your inner musician.

Source: Kickstarter