Tweetbot 3 Now Top Paid App In 35 Countries Less Than 24 Hours After Release


  • ctt1wbw

    Any estimates on total earnings for the app so far?

  • GWBandrew

    assuming that the paper from the Social Science Research network is accurate (, note that this paper is a little over a year old, you can use the formula(s) for an apps ranking on a given DAY, not lifetime of the app:
    iPad: 13,516*rank^(-0.903)=downloads
    iPhone: 52,958*rank^(-0.944)=downloads
    downloads*app price = gross earnings
    Being a number one app, the calculation is made simple and equals to 52,958 downloads * $2.99 = ~$158,344.42.
    and again, pure estimate using a year-old formula. The only true way to know is if/when the company releases their numbers.