iFixIt Finds 2013 Retina MacBook Pros As Unrepairable You Can Get



As is their wont, gadget vivisectors iFixIt have gotten their hands on Apple’s new Retina MacBook Pros in both 13-inch and 15-inch incarnations. As usual, these aren’t the machines you want if repairability is concerned, but there’s additional bad news this time around: the battery in both the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro has actually shrunk.

In regards to the 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro, iFixIt says that it is “essentially the 2012 unit with a couple of performance upgrades.” Almost everything has been changed to make it less repairable though. For example, the headphone jack can’t be replaced anymore without replacing the entire logic board. “So unless you’re keen on soldering, replacing the headphone jack just became a $1,000 fix.” iFixIt scored the 15-incher at a 1 out of 10 when it came to repairabaility.

The 13-incher got the same score, though. And there’s other bad news. Battery size has shrunk across both models. Apple, it seems, has opted to rely more on Haswell’s efficiency than bigger batteries, meaning that even though the 2013 MacBook Pros could have gotten a significant battery life boost thanks to Haswell, they get the same 8-9 hour battery life instead.

You can find iFixIt’s teardowns here of the 13-inch MacBook Pro and 15-inch MacBook Pro.

  • Adrayven

    Pro laptops are not usually about battery life as much as horse power. The expectation is not as high. However, it’s a nice to have the option of good battery. I know M4700 and M6700 Dell Workstation Laptops are not nearly as light or thin and have lesser specs (HDD, not SSD) and shorter battery time and cost just about as much.

    Thats why I prefer the Macbook Pro.. It’s a good mix of battery and horse power.

  • suz5ive

    Have they taken apart the new Macbook Airs from earlier this year? Wondering if those have also had the battery shrunken down.

  • technochick

    what’s their address. I wanna send them a gift year of the cheese of the month club to go with their whine.

    Truth is that a trained by Apple tech will have the tools and know how to do repairs. The only real issue isn’t that it can’t be fixed but that iFixIt can’t make lots of money selling parts and tools for folks to do it at home and risk breaking their machine

  • MrsCleaver

    “iFixIt Finds 2013 Retina MacBook Pros As Unrepairable You Can Get”

    Wouldn’t that be “…As Unrepairable AS You Can Get?”

    I so appreciate these stories and Apple-related news. Sometimes, however, I wonder if the content is ever proofed, or just posted as received. It may seem like a small thing, but poor writing and construction reflects poorly on everyone involved.

    But thanks for the informative article!