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Unibox Makes E-mail About People, Not Boring Old Mailboxes


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There’s another new e-mail app available now for OS X, and it takes a different approach to your usual e-mail clients. It’s called Unibox, and it focusses on people, not messages.

Unibox’s sidebar contains thumbnails of your contacts instead of a list of e-mail folders, and the idea is that you can organize you conversations based on person rather than the usual method of when they arrive. If you apply our regular e-mail pattern to files in the Finder it looks absurd. Imagine having a list of all our files, music, documents and pictures, sorted permanently by date created. Crazy.

Instead, all mail form a single person appears in one place, and you can view threaded conversations as well as viewing any attachments in the app. There’s even a special view for attachments (list or grid) to let you get to what you want quickly.

I like this a lot, and as it works with all IMAP accounts, (including Gmail) it works with any e-mail service. I’m going to try it out, but I have a feeling I’m so caught up in the old way that switching might be tricky. Either that or Unibox is about to spoil every other e-mail app for me.

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