Elegantly Designed Nice Weather 2 Won’t Give You A Migraine


Nice Weather 2

Nice Weather 2 – Weather – Free

I appreciate a simple, uncluttered interface, and that’s why I hate the Weather Channel app. But I’ve replaced that table-laden monstrosity with Nice Weather 2. It’s a jumble-free program that has all the information you need that still manages to look neat and clean. The curved line at the bottom represents the temperature over time, and you can drag that little ball along it to get actual numbers. You can also check humidity and the wind’s speed and direction, and the high and low temperatures are marked for your convenience.

Beyond that, it’s just striking to look at. And I know I’m talking about the weather here; that’s how good-looking this thing is.

Nice Weather 2

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One response to “Elegantly Designed Nice Weather 2 Won’t Give You A Migraine”

  1. dcj001 says:

    “It’s a jumble-free program”

    Program? What’s a program. This is an app (application).

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