Booq Laced Their Boa Shift Backpack With Every Unconventional Feature They Could Muster




I’m forever intrigued with Booq — a bag-maker headquartered just a stone’s throw from design-crazy Pasadena — and its maverick creations. The company’s latest is the Boa Shift backpack; while it doesn’t much that’s new, it seems to gather all their signature design elements into a single bag.

For starters, there’s the hidden pocket on the face of the bag, good for storing flat(ish) items that you might want to access quickly without having to open the entire bag, like a boarding pass. Or the twin interior slash pockets, good for medium-sized peripherals like portable drives and big batteries.

The elastic pockets on the shoulder straps are new though — at least for Booq — and look pretty handy for iPhone-sized items, like iPhones.

The Boa Shift will swaddle up to a 15-inch MBP, in it’s own zippered laptop compartment, in a material called “Nylex,” which sounds like it might be something developed next door at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (but probably isn’t). Just like all of the company’s high-end bags, the  Boa Shift gets Booq’s Terralinq tag, with a serial number that can be reported to Booq if the bag ever gets lost (and then found), which may help you recover the bag and conents.

If this sounds like you, the Booq Boa Shift is available now for $150.

Source: Booq