Promise Technology First To Announce Thunderbolt 2 Peripherals



We know that the new Mac Pro — and as we learned earlier this week, the new MacBook Pros — sport new Thunderbolt 2 ports, which double the speed of the initial version to a maximum throughput of 20GB/second.

All that speed is academic without peripherals designed specifically for Thunderbolt 2. So today, Promise Technology is the first company to announce Thunderbolt 2 stuff — namely, their Pegasus2 RAID storage boxes and SANLink2 Fibre Channel-to-Thunderbolt 2 SAN device bridge.

The Pegasus2 will come with four, six or eight bays and offer anywhere from 8TB to 32TB worth of storage. And here’s info on the SANLink2 directly from the company’s press release, since it gets a little technical:

SANLink2 is a portable device bridge which provides dual 8Gbps Fibre Channel ports and dual 20Gbps Thunderbolt 2 ports and can be used to connect Thunderbolt-enabled systems directly to a high-speed Fibre Channel SAN, such as the PROMISE VTrak x30 RAID storage system or a VTrak A-Class shared SAN storage appliance for scale out capabilities and real time raw video HD/4K footage ingest, editing, and collaboration. SANLink2 enables connectivity that provides flexibility to 4K workflows by removing limitations of systems previously unable to connect directly to a Fibre Channel SAN, and is backwards compatible with Thunderbolt 1.

The Pegasus2 will be available in November, the SANLink2 in December. No pricing yet, but since these peripherals are aimed at serious video and audio work, they probably won’t be cheap. If you’re just looking for faster Time Machine backup, you may have to wait a while longer.

Source: Promise Technology

  • Turtle Heart

    Nuts. This is the big gorilla in the room with regards to the pointless design of the ill-fated Mac Pro…no thunderbolt devices. Even after all this time they are few and far between and absurdly expensive. Anyone who takes a chance and buys a new Mac Pro MUST buy at least one hard disk, as the tiny, tiny (childish) little 250 gb disk that comes with the tiny desktop is good for only the OS. This seems like another product highlighting how absurd the new Mac Pro really is.

  • Chris Lang

    The 256GB flash is the starting point you can get up to a 1TB internal flash.

  • Faslane

    Welllll, Not sure this is exciting. I mean, Thunderbolt (1) peripherals were expensive enough and now Thunderbolt 2 peripherals are out. Has thunderbolt became cheap enough for more than studio professionals? I certainly can’t (wouldn’t yet) afford/budget them.