Last Chance! The HuMn Mini Wallet: Functional, Stylish, Minimal, and 35% off [Deals]


CoM - humn

Meet the HuMn Mini, the mini version of the most successful minimal wallet on Kickstarter to date. This is the ultimate minimalist wallet – and it is built to last a lifetime.

The HuMn wallet has created a bit of a buzz with our employees and finding it’s way into a few of our pockets. Simply put, this wallet is a game changer. How many cards do you carry in your wallet that you use a few times a year? Cut the fat, get what you need from your wallet, and get on with your life.

Please note: This promotion is only available to our customers in the continental United States and includes free shipping.*

Weighing in at less than two ounces, the HuMn Mini lives up to its name, as others have testified:

“This is the perfect wallet. I started with the original HuMn wallet which I loved. I didn’t know it could be made better until I received my mini. It does everything the original does only in a more convenient size. I’ll never use any other wallet. I make sure that I show all of my friends. You can’t keep something this good quiet.” – Craig Flieschman

“I am very impressed with this lightweight wallet. Easy to use and about 1/4 the size of my old leather wallet, yet holds everything in a clean organized manner. Very durable and holds up well. I highly recommend one!” – Molly Twiggum

Here are the top features of the HuMn Mini wallet:

  • Aluminum Strong: The Mini Wallet aluminum is made from 6061 aircraft grade aluminum, powder-coated for a buttery and bright finish.
  • Shock Strap: This high-quality elastic strap is built to last while retaining elasticity.
  • RFID Proof: The carbon fiber plates protect against RFID skimming by providing protection of your identity and credit cards.

With the HuMn Mini, the days of lugging around a clunky wallet are over. It’s unorganized, unnecessary, and can even misalign your back. It truly is the last wallet you’ll ever want. Get it from Cult of Mac Deals for only $49.99 while you can…which won’t be for long!