ForeverMap 2 Gets iOS 7 Update, Great New Features



ForeverMap 2’s brand-new update is ostensibly an iOS 7 makeover. But if you’re a regular user, one look at v3.3 will tell you that it has been improved almost everywhere.

ForeverMap is an offline mapping app which lets you download maps, one country (or city) at a time and access them without a data connection. It’s invaluable for travelers as all you need is GPS (i.e. A view of the sky) and you have the same map functionality as you’d get from Apple or Google’s maps.

The same functionality? Yes: you can search on addresses and points of interest, as well as get directions and even pictures of locations. There are listings for local businesses (this part is actually way better than using Google) and the whole thing is lightning fast. I prefer it even when I do have a data connection.

New in this version are updated maps (from Open Street Map), plus the following:

  • TripAdvisor content (new)
  • more details on the map
  • significantly enhanced routing (e.g. bike)
  • new OpenStreetMap introduction
  • much quicker boot time

I can vouch for the boot time and the enhanced routing (bike routes are super handy when you’re in a foreign city and don’t know the roads. But there have also been interface tweaks which make searching more intuitive (let’s be honest here though – it couldn’t really have been less intuitive), and the maps themselves are as good as Apple’s (and more accurate in many cases).

The app is a dollar today, but even when the price goes up it’s worth every penny. Literally every penny, because you’ll save it in data roaming charges.

Source: iTunes