Free Creation Sensation The Sandbox Comes To The Mac App Store



Pixowl’s pixel art game, The Sandbox, has won a bevy of awards from Apple since its introduction in the App Store in May of 2012, and garnered 6.8 million downloads across iOS and Android. Apple has featured the game with three titles, Best of World-Building Games, Best of Games 2012: Hidden Gems, and Top Games – If You Like Minecraft.

The release onto Mac brings this fantastic, engrossing game to the mouse and keyboard set, guaranteeing a good time on a bigger screen. Just like the mobile version, you’ll learn the tools available to you to mix, match, and create all sorts of things. Then you’ll share them with the world via The Sandbox’s own online Gallery, which you can browse for inspiration. It’s amazing what folks can do with this little game.

You’ll get plenty of help learning the ways of The Sandbox, with a carefully designed mission-style learning and tutorial system. You’ll create and play with fire, the laws of physics, and even electricity. You can make your own music, control the characters in your own worlds, create (and destroy) multitudes.

Some folks use The Sandbox to create amazing pixel art, while others create entire ecosystems, each bit dependent on the rest. The tools are there; it’s up to you to use them however you like. There are already over 400,000 worlds in the Gallery, so check them all out.

There are over one hundred elements to use and combine, and nine specific campaigns that hold 136 distinct game levels. You can even create humans, changing their behavior with magic powders to get them to mine, build, hunt, or cut wood. There’s even a zombie powder for you Walking Dead types.

The latest version has blueprints, which let you create architectural marvels like the Eiffel Tower, Chichen Itza, the Pyramids, and the Statue of Liberty. Fancy a bit of fiction? Use the Crashed UFO blueprint. Tired of all the building? Use the TNT and C4 tools to blow the ever-loving crap out of your creations. Directed chaos, hooray!

The possibilities are nigh endless, and the bigger Mac screen should re-engage those of you who’ve already played the game on iOS. The Sandbox is available now in the Mac App Store for free, so get on it, why don’t you?

Source: The Sandbox