Outback Solo, A Waxed Canvas And Leather Satchel For The iPad Air



Not interested in a case for you new Retina iPad mini, or the gorgeous iPad Air? Nope, me neither – I want to show that thing off to passersby and pickpockets alike. But what I don’t want to do is carry it in my hand all the time, so I’ll be needing yet another bag for my man-sack collection. [1]

And that bag is the Outback Solo from WaterField Designs.

The Outback Solo (an Australian euphemism for what folks do to pass the time when they’re lost in the Aussie desert) is a beautiful canvas and leather satchel, sized to fit the iPad Air in its main compartment and the iPhone in one of the front pockets. The other pocket is there for any other bits and pieces you need (camera connection kit, EarPods and so on), and the top flap is held shut by a leather strap.


Speaking of straps, the Outback Solo comes strapless, and you’ll need to add another $19 to the $69 asking price to get the matching leather strap. Thus you can use it as an insert for a bigger bag, or as a bag on its own.

And of course it’ll also work with your Retina iPad mini, with a little extra room to spare.

I’m looking forward to this one. Having just moved to a new home, I gave away a lot of my old bags. This means that The Lady’s strict one-in-one-out policy on new bags is now in deficit. A sweet deficit ready to be filled by lovely new bags.

Source: SF Bags
Thanks: Heidi!

  1. Actually, the term “library” might be more appropriate considering the numbers involved.  ↩