Which iPad Is More Lustworthy, The iPad Air Or iPad Mini With Retina Display? [Poll]


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Now that the wraps have officially come off the new iPad Air and iPad mini with Retina display, the only thing left to do is scrutinize the hell out of them before deciding which one to buy. Apple’s never given customers as many tablet options as they have today, so our question is – Which iPad do you want the most?

The iPad mini now has the same A7 chip as the iPad Air making it just as good for gaming, plus it’s smaller and cheaper. But then there’s the iPad Air with its anorexic frame, featherweight features, and big screen which makes it the ultimate tablet. Of course you could always go the cheaper route now that the iPad mini and iPad 2 prices have been cut, making for one tough decision for iPad lovers.

We want to hear what you guys think of the new iPads, so vote in our poll above and drop us a comment explaining why you think your iPad of choice is a better purchase than Apple’s other offerings.

  • Adrayven

    Fairly solid release, especially iPad Mini… willing to accept 399 since they not only put in Retina, but A7/M7 in mini.. That, to me, made the extra $70 worth it.. and keeping iPad Mini (old) at $299 was a good compromise for price bump.

    I just wish touch ID was also included.. otherwise, both new iPads look good to me.. But, with production issues with sensor for Touch ID being hit hard by 5s, guess I can understand why they decided to wait… Better be in next years iPad..

    LOVE Touch ID on my iPhone.

  • welladriansays

    I have a 2 as well as a 4. My 4 stays home and gets used mostly as a remote for itunes on my imac. ipads are supposed to be for use on the go.
    The charging time on the 4 means that charging from “low battery” takes forever and plugging it in to top it up when you find yourself next to a power outlet for twenty minutes doesn’t make a great deal of difference.
    The four is pretty and fast, but for on the go, i only take my 2

  • Gregory Walsh

    Really disappointed no touchID. I have a feeling that is going to be huge once its opened to devs and any device without it is going to feel outdated. Might have to wait till next year now to update.