Adonit’s Jot Tote Holds Your iPad Mini And Your Jot Stylus



Need a spot to stow your stylus when you’re not using it ti draw on the screen of your iPad mini? No, me neither. But I could find space for a case which holds a regular old ink pen, which Adonit’s Jot Tote will doubtless manage just fine. Hell, the slidey-out metal drawer could even be used to store a little chocolate snack as you read.

The Jot Tote is pretty much just a soft-touch rear-shell case for the iPad mini, along with a little sprung steel slide-out grabber which stays out of the way until you have a pen or stylus that needs holding. Clearly it’s designed to be used with the Jot stylus, but as I said, as long as it’s pen-shaped you should be good.

The Smart-Cover-friendly case is available now for $50.

Source: Adonit