SketchDock Turns Your iPhone Into A Tablet For Your Mac



If you’ve ever wanted a tiny, pressure-sensitive digitising tablet for your Mac, then you’re in luck: you will soon be able to get the SketchDock, a flat aluminum panel which turns your iPhone into a pen tablet.

The SketchDock lives up to both sides of its CamelCased name: The Sketch part comes from the companion app that lets you use the pressure-sensitive JaJa stylus write directly into your desktop drawing apps. And the Dock part of the name is taken care of by the fact that it works as a charging dock when you run your Lightning or 30-pin cable into the side. It even has a couple of nubbins that press down on the volume buttons while it’s inside.

I guess if you already own all the other parts required: iPhone; Mac; JaJa stylus and suitable Mac software, then you’ll be happy paying $99 for a chunk of aluminum that ties them all together (Kickstarterers can get it for as little as $45 if they pitch in early). But it seems to me that you could do all of this without the SketchDock itself.

Source: Kickstarter
Thanks: Jon!