Evomail Announces EvoCloud: Auto-Save Attachments To Dropbox And More



Users of EvoMail are about to find the iOS app getting a whole lot more reliable, and a whole lot cooler. The company has just launched its EvoCloud, which adds a whole bunch of neat server-side tricks to your e-mail.

Here’re a few of the new features that EvoCloud will allow:

  • Sent attachments auto-saved in your Dropbox.
  • Real-time push notifications for your mail
  • Support for Outlook.com accounts
  • Faster!

I have been a sometime user of Evomail since its launch, but I was won over in the end by Mailbox’s great snoozing feature, which lets you set an e-mail aside for later, or for a specific date. Evomail kind of does this, but it only works if you use the Evomail app exclusively.

Now I have switched away from Gmail, I’m looking at Evomail again, and hopefully it’s new cloud service will make it as useful as the Gmail-only Mailbox.

Source: Evomail