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WashingMachine Cleans The Old Files Out Of Your Mac



You’d have a hard time forcing me to remove the fantastic Gemini duplicate removal tool from my Macs, but that’s not to say I don’t like to have a little fling now and then (in fact, I regularly two-time Gemini with Daisy Disk, another great app for seeing what’s taking up space on your hard drive or SSD). And that fling might just be with Intego’s WashingMachine 2014, another duplicate finder app which adds in some distinctly different features.

I never even heard of WashingMachine before today, so I’m not sure how this version compares to last year’s model, but I’m impressed by what I see so far. Most useful from the app appears to be a feature that shows you all the files on your computer by date, letting you weed out things that haven’t been opened for years and delete them. I wish that iOS had something like this so I could see all the apps I never open.

The rest of the app is laid out around file types. Where Daisy Disk lets you drill into your folder structure with a visual representation of the size of the files and folders on your drive, WashingMachine also lets you sort by file type. This lets you see all the giant video files on your drive in one place, regardless of which folder they’re hidden in.

And the app looks great, too. Fun to use, even. The app will cost you $30, and there’s a free trial, although it’s the kind of free trial you get in exchange for giving up your e-mail address. Available now.

Source: Intego
Via: iMore