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Was iOS 7 Designed In Microsoft Word? No, But It’s Certainly Possible [Video]


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Did Jony Ive design iOS 7 in Microsoft Word to win a bet at the bar? Almost certainly not, but he could have. Every single one of the new iOS 7 icons — including the more intricate ones like Game Center, Maps, and Stocks — can be recreated almost perfectly in Word.

Vaclav Krejci demonstrates the whole process in the video below.

I have no idea how long this video took to make, but it’s ten minutes long — and that’s after it has been sped up quite significantly. It’s likely to take the average Joe a lot longer, too, because I’m assuming most people’s Word skills aren’t quite as spectacular as Krejci’s.

As you can see, not every icon is perfect, and Word doesn’t offer the same font Apple uses in iOS 7. But they’re certainly close enough.

Source: YouTube

Via: iMore