Apple Could Have Doubled U.S. Smartphone Share In September



The iPhone 5s has been in limited supply, and according to many accounts, the iPhone 5c is in limited demand. But September has still been a huge month for Apple. How huge? According to one study, Apple’s share of the U.S. smartphone market has doubled in September.

According to a report issued this Morning by Seoul-based Counterpoint Research, Apple’s share of the smartphone market — which was slowly declining since Aple from a high of 32%to a low of 17% — jumped straight to 39% by the end of September, largely buoyed by sales of the iPhone 5s and 5c.

Counterpoint Research says:

“In spite of supply constraints and just three weeks of sales, iPhone 5s raced to become the bestselling smartphone model in the US in September,” said Counterpoint research director Tom Kang. “The key reason for this sudden jump in sales can be attributed to the big wave of upgrades due in this launch month from Apple’s huge installed base of iPhone users in US. This depicts a healthy replacement cycle and user base growth trends for Apple despite the array of Android devices launching from tens of OEMs every month.”

These numbers aren’t official until Apple makes them so, and Counterpoin t did not explain their methodology. Even so, AAPL investors should expect — although if history is any guide, won’t — a great quarter.

Source: Counterpoint
Via: Fortune