Rearrange And De-Clutter The Menubar With This Dock-Like Trick [OS X Tips]


Menubar rearranging

You know all those menubar items in the upper right hand corner of your Mac’s screen? The ones that–from the right–probably show the Notification Center, Spotlight, your user name, the date and time, your battery level, and so on?

Did you know you could move those things around (most of them, anyway)? Did you know you could even take some of them off of the menubar altogether? Here’s how.

First of all, to move the icons around, simply hold the Command button down on your keyboard, and then drag and drop the icons into the order that most pleases you. You won’t be able to move the Notification Center or Spotlight icons, or third-party icons, but the rest of them–like the Bluetooth or the Wi-Fi icons–can be rearranged with ease. You can’t put any built-in icons like those any farther left than the first third-party icon you have up there, but the order they’re in is fair game.

Secondly, if you want to get rid of those icons, simply Command-click and drag one of the menubar icons off the menubar, towards the middle of the screen. Similarly to when you drag an icon off the Dock, when you let go, the menubar icon will disappear in a cute little puff of simulated smoke. Nice, huh?

If you want them back, simply find the relevant prefernce pane in the System Preferences app, and click “Show in Menubar.”

Via: MacWorld