You’ll Never Guess What Apple Employees Internally Nicknamed The Gold iPhone 5s



And now you know. That’s right, it is being reported that Apple employees internally nicknamed the gold iPhone 5s “The Kardashian Phone” during production.

New York Times reporter Nick Bilton first tweeted the revelation, saying he heard it from a source at Apple. TechCrunch then followed up with its own sources and added, “apparently this was not a serious ‘code name’ or anything, just an internal joke.”

Why Kim Kardashian? Last year, Boy Genius Report found a company that anodizes iPhones all kinds of colors, including gold. After trying the service out, Boy Genius sent gold iPhone 5’s to celebrity friends—Kim included. Gold “became the anodization company’s most popular color choice, by an incredible margin” after celebrities like Kim and Wiz Khalifa started posting pics of the phones online and appearing with them on TV.

Kim is apparently rocking a black iPhone 5 now that all the normals can buy a gold iPhone.

So can we credit the creation of the gold iPhone 5s to Kim Kardashian? Sure, why not.

Via: TechCrunch