Use Safari, Chrome, Command, And Number Keys To Navigate The Web Faster [OS X Tips]


Safari Command

Let’s talk about getting around the web quickly. Most likely, you’re using Safari or Chrome on the Mac to surf the information superhighway, and these modern browsers use tabs to open more than one window onto the world wide web at the same time, right?

You probably also have a series of oft-accessed bookmarks that you keep in the toolbar just above the web page and just below the address or URL bar.

Popping back and forth between tabs, or opening up new bookmarks is fairly easy with the mouse, for sure, but here’s a faster way that lets you keep your hands on the keyboard.

In Chrome, you can hit Command-1, Command-2, Command-3, and so on, to quickly access your tabs in order, from left to right. The numbers run out around 9 or so, so if you’re a super tab fan, you may be out of luck for more than the first nine.

Safari, on the other hand, will let you access the bookmarks bar with the Command-1, Command-2, Command-3, etc. Hit Command-1 and get the first bookmark in that bar to the left, Command-2 to get the next in the row, and so on. If you have more than nine, you might want to just make a folder or something.

Either way, now you can quickly access your tabs in Chrome, and your bookmarks in Safari, using just a little Command-key magic.