Disco Bees – Come For The Name, Stay For The Cuteness [Review]


Disco Bees

The only reason I picked up Disco Bees to play today was the name. I’m really rather tired of the match-three dynamic, but I figured cute bees and disco music was a good combo to try, regardless.

Disco Bees by Space Inch
Category: iOS Games
Works With: iPhone
Price: Free

What I found was a compelling match-three game that does indeed have the same mechanics as many other free-to-play matching games, like Candy Crush or Dragon Academy. In addition, however, it’s got amazingly adorable dancing bees and a killer soundtrack that does fantastic justice to the disco genre without using licensed music.

Did I mention cute dancing bees? You really need more? Fine.

IMG_0504Disco Bees plays like many of the other current generation match-three games, in that you must match three bees of the same color in a row to clear them from the board. The board in this case, however, is a honeycomb hexagonal grid, which is thematically appropriate, as they’re bees, get it?

There are levels consisting of several specific grids each. The grids themselves have a goal score, and several hidden super bees that will clear the board faster, like a boxer bee, a ninja bee, and a flower power bee. There are a limited number of moves per hex board, and some of them have extra goals, like clearing off the honey. It’s all very similar feeling, which isn’t a bad thing in and of itself, but there’s nothing new here in terms of gameplay and mechanics.

The reason I’m writing this review, however, is because the whole package is just so damn cute. The bees are adorable little bugs with huge smiles, fat bodies, and tiny wings. Plus they won’t actually sting me, which is a feature I wish all bees had.

IMG_0505All the menus, directions, and Game Center achievements use cute “bee” language, like “BEEgin,” and “BEEautiful!” It’s enough to make a grown man smile, which is no mean feat in today’s economy. Ahem. Also grin-worthy is the little Waggle Dance the bees do when the level is cleared. So. Much. Cute.

The disco music? It’s 70s-tastic, to be completely clear. Each level has a new song, full of strings, wah pedal wakka-chikka, and full-on kick horn section hits when a row of bees is matched. It’s retro ear candy at its finest.

Put this all together and Disco Bees is a must-play entry into the match-three genre that will most likely pull in some folks that may not have wanted to match colored jewels or jellybeans. And, heck, even players of the other similar games might enjoy a change of scenery provided by Disco Bees‘ artwork and soundscape.

IMG_0499Game Name: Disco Bees
The Good: Adorably cute and full of disco.
The Bad: This is the same game as all those others.
The Verdict Really, the reason to play Disco Bees is the spectacular visual and aural features, with an amazing original disco soundtrack and an incredibly tight bee theme. Once there, the game mechanics will keep players matching colors long into the night.
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