Apple’s E-Commerce Chief Jettisons The Mothership For eBay



eBay announced this morning that they’ve managed to hire away Apple’s E-Commerce Exec, RJ Pittman, to fill a new role as Chief Product Officer.

Pittman joined Apple back in 2010 after working in the product management group at Google. During his three years working at Apple, Pittman was in charge of the e-commerce platform for the Apple Online Store, along with the design and product management solutions.

In an interview with AllThingsD, Pittman said the Online Apple Store is cool and all, but eBay’s sells way more stuff:

“I think it’s pretty clear today eBay dominates the marketplace category. I’m excited to come in and reinvent the way people buy and sell. I loved what I was doing at Apple; it’s a great company … but eBay is on a completely different level by an order of magnitude when it comes to e-commerce,”

Pittman’s exit from Apple comes just a couple days after the company announced Burberry CEO Angel Ahrents will become the new SVP of Retail. Ahrents is set to come to Apple in Spring 2014 and will take over retail operations at the Apple Store and online, but AllThingsD’s sources say Pittman’s departure is just coincidental.

eBay is hoping the Apple hire will help drive the company’s design revamp of the eBay marketplaces on desktop and mobile as RJ will responsible for all facets of Global Product for eBay Marketplaces.

Source: eBay

Via: AllThingsD