Apple Quietly Bumps iPhone 5s & iPhone 5c Prices In France



Apple has quietly bumped up its iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c prices in France less than four weeks after they first went on sale. Customers will now have to pay $10 more for the 16GB devices, and $12 more for the 32GB and 64GB devices.

Here’s how the prices have changed for each device:

  • iPhone 5c (16GB) — €599 → €609
  • iPhone 5c (32GB) — €699 → €711
  • iPhone 5s (16GB) — €699 → €709
  • iPhone 5s (32GB) — €799 → €811
  • iPhone 5s (64GB) — €899 → €911

It’s unclear why Apple has decided to increase the prices now, but French website, which was first to spot the changes, suggests it could be something to do with the upcoming increase in VAT in early 2014. It’s certainly nothing to do with exchange rates, because prices remain the same in other countries that use the euro.

The new iPhones first made their debut in France on September 20, the same day they launched in the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Germany, Australia, China, and a handful of other markets.

Source: Apple

Via: iGen