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TriggerTrap RedSnap: Trigger Your Camera With Frikkin Lasers



Just as soon as I can work out which box I packed my camera in, I’ll be putting the finishing touches to my TriggerTrap review. In the meantime, the folks behind the iPhone camera-triggering gadget have managed to invent yet another TriggerTrap. And this one is even more awesome. Why? One word: Lasers.

The new modular TriggerTrap RedSnap system consists of a “base block” and a bunch if identically-shaped snap-on extension blocks. The base unit is the brains of the operation, and there will be four additional sensor: laser, sound, light and passive infrared. These sensors are powered by the 2xAA batteries in the base unit, and you can stack up to two sensors extra onto the RedSnap at any time, combing their functions just like you can make smart playlists in iTunes.

The base unit is pretty good on it’s own, too. Here’s the list:

  • A time-lapse mode that can run for bloody ages on a single set of AA batteries.

  • Triggertrap TimeWarp mode enabling photographers to create timelapses with acceleration.

  • HDR photography mode, which lets photographers take long-exposure HDR sets.

  • A Star Trail mode, enabling extreme exposure photography with minimum visual noise.

The RedSnap has three outputs, letting you hook up up to three different cameras or flashes, and you can of course still trigger it using your iPhone and the TriggerTrap app.

The Kickstarter options are too in-depth to publish here (you can order lots of different sensor combos), but they start at £35 ($56), hit £150 ($240) for a full kit and then rise if you want extension cable sand the like.

It looks totally cool, and thanks to its modular nature it won;t be obsoleted as soon as you upgrade your iPhone (actually, as long as your iPhone still has a headphone jack you’ll be fine). Pitch in now for an estimated May 2014 delivery.

Source: Kickstarter

Thanks: Caroline!