Path Lays-Off 20% Of Staff To “Realign” Company For Path 4.0


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Path — the mobile only social network that I don’t understand, no one at Cult of Mac uses, and which recently started selling stickers to support itself — has laid off 13 staff members, or 20% of its total staff, in what CEO Dave Morin is calling a “realignment of the company.”

In a comment made to Gawker’s Silicon Valley gossip site, Valleywag, A Path representative tried to downplay the firings:

It’s just a realignment of the company. I wouldn’t read anything into it. The business is strong we have 20 million users… We’re working to realign the company to support continued innovation and Path 4.0.

When you only have 65 employees, firing 13 of them sounds like more than just a “realignment,” especially when your social network has seemed increasingly desperate to find any source of revenue. Earlier this year, Path introduced IAP “stickers” to the app, and just last month, they added a new “Path Premium” subscription option for $14.99 a year, which basically gives you access to all Path’s stickers, along with camera filters and other IAP purchases.

Morin is reportedly seeking another round of funding for Path, which would seemingly be what this realignment is really about. Path may have 20 million users, but how many are actually using the app? I’ve had it installed on my iPhone for years, tried it multiple times, and still don’t get it. How many people are like me?

Source: Valleywag